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About Us

We don’t just deliver paper & ink, we provide a completely satisfying customer experience.

Success on every project

Crescent Printing’s owner, Brad Vali, has ink running through his veins. He began printing as a young man, working alongside his father and learning the ropes on a conventional printing press. For Brad it was a labor of love, so he carried on his father’s work and opened his own shop more than a decade ago.

Since that time, the printing business has become much faster paced and hi-tech based. So, despite Brad’s penchant for traditional methods, he has kept Crescent Printing at the leading edge of print technology to ensure faster completion of projects and consistently outstanding results for our valued customers.

Learn more about Brad Vali’s approach to meeting customers’ needs in his interview with Printing Impressions, the commercial printing industry’s most influential publication.

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How we do it

One of the first things customers learn when they partner with Crescent Printing is how serious we are about customer care. We want to be your long-term printing partner, so we strive to provide expert guidance at every phase of your print project. From design to production to shipment, our aim is to be a partner you can totally rely on, now and in the future.


What you can expect

Each and every customer can expect personalized solutions for all their printing, copying, and graphic design projects. So whether you need documents for the big presentation, posters for your next company-wide meeting, or banners & signage for an upcoming trade show, our upscale service will be tailored to your precise requirements and delivery schedule.

Precision preparation, perfect prints

Crescent Printing believes perfection comes from thorough planning, including lending our creativity to your designs